Sorry if I'm asking FAQ's, I tried to search the old articles but
there was no clear answer..

I have been trying to watch vdr recordings with PS3, through fuppes
and/or mediatomb upnp servers. It sort of "works" through transcoding
PES->TS or PES->PS, but it feels slow and jerky when compared to
formats natively supported by PS3..

Anyway, there have been articles about vdr supporting TS recording at
some point, how is this going? This would be ideal for me, because
mpeg-ts does work with PS3.

Also I found the ts-recording patch, but this is not really a solution
for me because I need to watch the same recordings with VDR as well,
and it's not practical to use double space for both .ts and .vdr
formats.. So VDR would need to support TS playback as well.

Teemu Suikki

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