Otto J. Makela wrote:
> Fedora 8, vdr-1.4.7-6.fc8 and old full-feature Terratec C-card.
> I've configured vdr to start two minutes before the time of the program,
> and ten minutes after the recording, in case timing is a bit off.
> For some reason, when recording the Finnish National broadcaster's (YLE)
> programs, vdr every time wants to switch files just before the actual program
> starts. Unfortunately it fails and ends up doing it just slightly too late,
> causing a few frames of the program to end up at the tail of the two-minute
> preamble. Quite inconvenient from an editing point of view.
> What causes this (does YLE send a the-program-starts-now type of signaling?),
> I haven't found a way to disable this in spite of going through the
> configuration files?

The audio/subtitle pids are updated when a program changes, and that
causes VDR to re-tune and switch recording file.

I'm not sure if VDR is intelligent enough to not re-tune if only the
descriptions change.
I guess one could also implement it in a way so that re-tune/fileswitch
are not needed.

Anssi Hannula

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