>> I'm trying to downgrade vdr-xine from 0.8.2 back to 0.8.0 but get
>> vdr-xine: Client connect failed!
>> in std-out.  Can this be further diagnosed?  The xine-lib and xine-ui 
>> seem
>> to otherwise work just fine, just won't connect to vdr-xine.
> This is down to vdr-xine's interface versioning.
> You also need the corresponding xine-lib patch or an older xine-lib-1.2
> snapshot (reverting src/vdr and include/xine/vdr.h, not the whole tree, to 
> an
> old enough version should do; looks like changeset c3a5e9ba is what you
> want).

Umm ok?
I'm using xine-lib-cvs-20070829224000 and xine-ui-cvs-20070829224000 with 
the patches included in the vdr-xine 0.8.0 patch directory.  Then autogen, 
make, make install as usual.

Is this what you mean, or is there something I'm missing?? 

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