Graziano Pavone wrote:
> Hallo,
> I'm using xineliboutput as an output device, both on the main VDR server 
> (that is attached to a 16:9 display) and over network to a client, with 
> no DVB cards, but that connect over the network to the main server VDR 
> with xineliboutput.
> Everything is working fine, but if I select "crop letterbox 4:3 to 16:9" 
> on the main VDR machine, I get a segmentation fault on the client when I 
> try to run xineliboutput everytime I try to run it, until I remove the 
> "crop letterbox" option.
> Maybe I'm missing some library on the client? anyone can help me about this?


which version of xineliboutput are you using? Which frontend do you use 
(vdr-sxfe, vdr-fbfe, xine-ui or local)?


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