>> When recording one channel and attempting to watch another in the same 
>> transport stream, or trying to switch to another transport stream (and 
>> hence card) I get "channel not available" messages.  After switching 
>> back and forth to other transport streams, usually I can overcome this 
>> problem.  But occasionally I it won't play any channels in one specific 
>> transport stream or another.
> You could add some debug outputs to
> cDevice::GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority, bool LiveView)
> to find out why it thinks that channel 9 is not available.
> Klaus

OK - I'm getting this:

SetPlayMode: 0
frame: (0, 0)-(720, 576), zoom: (1.05, 1.01)
GetDevice 20 0 1 -1
no device found

any ideas?

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