> As far as trying vdr with clear DVB-S2 channels, unfortunately it is not 
> possible in my case since I only have access to Hotbird, which I think 
> has no clear DVB-S2 channels.

yes, you are right - on Hotbird the open dvb-s2 channels absent

> As fas as changing encrypted flag, vpid, ppid and dpid, can you please 
> give me an example, what I have to change in the following line:
> Next 
> HD;SkyItalia:11996:vC23M5S1Z35:S13.0E:27500:10160+160:0;400=ita,401=eng:0:919,93B:11030:64511:6400:0
> Finally, I have to mention that using multiproto (not multiproto plus) 
> and modified szap, I can tune to Next HD and get a lock (of course I can 
> not watch the channel, I just get the message from modified szap that it 
> has lock).

which multipro's version and szap do you use ? where from did you get szap ?

> Modified szap does not work at all with multiproto plus.

it's strange. May be the version of multiproto_plus and multiproto is different 

> Moreover, using multiproto (not multiproto plus) and vdr-1.5.14 (with 
> h264 patch) or vdr-1.5.12 (with dvb-s2 + h264 patch) I have exactly the 
> same behaviour with vdr-1.7.0 and multiproto plus : channel not 
> avaialble for all DVB-S2 channels.

what about the logs ? could you see un /var/syslog


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