lukkinosat wrote:
> I set a time of 40 seconds, but if time watchdog is
> less than 40 seconds, vdr exit with a segmentation
> fault.
> Is this normal? Is possible set a message with a time
> greater of time watchdog?

It is. VDR 1.4.x even used a dirty workaround to display the 5 minute 
shutdown warning. (that is, calling signal(SIGALRM, SIG_IGN) before and 
signal(SIGALRM, Watchdog) after displaying the message.)
While the message is shown, VDR is completely blocked, not starting 
timers and similar stuff.

 From the main thread you can use mtStatus as type to display messages 
asynchronously. mtStatus messages will be shown without blocking until 
manually removed or overwritten.



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