Igor wrote:
>> Jean-Claude Repetto wrote:
>>> Lauri Tischler a Иcrit :
>>>> Jean-Claude Repetto wrote:
>>>>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote :
>>>>>> Plain vanilly VDR assumes that every DVB-S card can receive all 
>>>>>> satellites.
>>>>>> Klaus
>>>>> I hope this will be configurable in VDR 1.8 !
>>>>> The LNB type should also be configurable for each DVB card (I am still 
>>>>> using a Full-band LNB on my motorized dish).
>>>> There used to be 'sourcecaps patch' somewhere, dig it up and
>>>> fix it to work with 1.7.0.
>>> Yes, I know, but I think this should be supported by VDR in the standard 
>>> version. Lots of people have two dishes pointing to different satellites.
>> It is supported by using multi-input lnb's and diseqc-switches :)
> could you explain please how it's possible to connect 3 cards in VDR to 3 
> LNB's for Hotbird, Sirius, Astra for example
> with DiSEq-Cswitch

- take 3 pc of 4-1 diseqc switch, one for each card
- use quad-lnb's on each dish
crossconnect all lnb's to all diseqc-switches

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