Vangelis Nonas schreef:
> I forgot to mention I gor reelchannelscan from reel svn site:
>   svn co svn://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/testing/src/vdr-plugins/src/
> Vangelis Nonas wrote:
>> I have created a patch for reelchannelscan 0.6.1 and vdr-1.7.0.
>> I have substituted cDevice::Provides_S2 with true (I have a dvb-S2 
>> card). It is not the correct way to do it but I did not know what to 
>> do....
>> I have changed some constants like PSK8, FEC_2_3, etc with other 
>> constants I found in vdr that usually start with DVBFE. I hope it is 
>> correct.
>> The plugin seems to work OK with DVB-S stations. When you ask it to 
>> scan for HDTV it only returns DVB-S, not DVB-S2.
>> I would appreciate your help, in order to make this plugin work properly.
>> The attachment is compressed with bzip2.
Oh, how nice, I actually need a new channelscanner today!

However, can I use this without a "reelbox"? (I'm getting all my 
information out of a german site, so I'm probably misunderstanding one 
or two things ... Like I'm unable to set up the diseqc file)

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