Mattia Rossi wrote:
> On Wed, 21 May 2008 17:01:22 +0300
> Lauri Tischler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Mattia Rossi wrote:
>>> On Wed, 21 May 2008 16:57:33 +0400
>>> Igor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>>>> could you explain please how it's possible to connect 3 cards in
>>>> VDR to 3 LNB's for Hotbird, Sirius, Astra for example with
>>>> DiSEq-Cswitch
>>> Hmm, using this switch ?
>> Good God NO, just a simple 4 input diseqc-switch, one for
>> each card, price something like 10-30€ each
> Well, he didn't ask for the cheapest solution, he only asked how it
> could be done ;)
> By the way, the multiple diseqc switch is ok if the
> number of dvb terminals is less than 4, for 4 terminal or more the
> multiswitch solution (it hasn't to be spaun) becomes quickly more
> convenient in terms of complexity and, eventually, costs
> If you also need to mix terrestrial signal to the lot, then it
> becomes even more desirable.
> ... but we are digressing :)

if he has never heard of diseqc maybe some basics would be good

with diseqc you can address a single lnb among a limited number of lnb´s
from the "electrical" point there are two ways
lets say 2 sat´s and 4 receivers

1. using a lnb with 4 equivalent outputs for every satelite (you could
connect a receiver to those outputs and will get all four options high,
low, horizontal, vertical on every output, the receiver switches the to
its 4 options, same es having 4 single lnb´s) so you would need 4 single
passive diseqc switches, one for every receiver
shown here:

2. using lnb´s with 4 different outputs (each for h, l, hor., ver., if
you connect a receiver you will only have one option at every connector,
thats the difference between quad and quattro lnb´s)
2 of those with a multiswitch (input for every option for every sat) you
can multiplie all 8 signals (the lnb´s don't have to be "switched" with
voltage or tone to a option) and deliver on the 4 receiver outputs whats
needed - this installation alway needs external power from 110/220V,
usually used for 4 or more receivers

in the situation with 4 sat´s and 2-4 receivers the scenario 1. will
usually cheaper

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