Thanks for all the answers regarding my questions.

So far I can understand my hardware is not adapted to what I want to do.
I will proceed to the following :

- Install 2 twin lnb's
- Install 2 disecq switches.
- Is diseqc switch 1 ok ? or do i need diseqc 2.0

As explain I have 1 FF card and one S2-3200. On one of my dishes I also
have a rotor.

- Can I still use it ? Is there already a valid rotor plugin for 1.7.0 ?

My target is to achieve to be able to look on one TV on the output of the
FF card, and on a other TV on a other broadcasting on a vdr-to-vdr client.
I assume thats possible with that configuration ?

Can I record a third broadcasting ? (concurrent recording)
Can I look at a third broadcasting on a second vdr-to-vdr or http client ?

Even if I don't need HD, do I need to use 1.7.0 version with my S2-3200 ?



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