Hi All,

I have a channel with identical EPG info for the same program, regardless of 
episode.  Often the program I want to record is repeated every six hours or 
so, but depending on the day it may be every 12 hours or more (its somewhat 
random) with a new episode sometime after midnight. 

Using EpgSearch, is there a way to force a single recording in a search within 
a specified period, without knowing the exact time that the 1st episode is 
recorded _successfully_?  i.e: allowing a maximum number of successful 
(non-conflicting) timers/day per search?

I know that I can set a timer to record from (say) 12am to 12pm, but it would 
be great if there is a way to guarantee a single recording regardless of 
whether other timers take precedence or EPG similarity, when multiple 
opportunities for a successful record exist in a day, without ending up with 
2-4 copies of the same episode if no conflicts exist.  Like a 'One-Shot' 
timer that resets itself at midnight (or other settable period) instead of 
deleting itself.

Many thanks to Klaus for VDR and all those people who've taken the time to 
write and support plugins and patches, especially EPGSearch by Mike Constabel 
and GraphLCD by Andreas Regel, who succeeded in making me a TV junkie when so 
many others (including myself) have failed.... :)


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