Reinhard Nissl schreef:
Try to cheat decoding in ~/.xine/config:

Interesting, it gave it a bit of a boost, although not a lot. Video isn't as choppy as it used to be (actually, the video is now just as good as on Windows without coreavc, which is still choppy) but the audio is missing mostly... I think I'll have to give the other's suggestion, the coreavc thing, a go, which isn't going without problems, too:

I'm trying to apply Xine-lib's dshowserver patch ( )

But apparantly in the last week or so a lot of stuff changed so the patch is useless. I tried getting a specific revision but it says *the repository doesn't support revision lookup* so I'm stuck.

   # patch -p1 < /tmp/coreavc-for-linux/xine/dshowserver.patch
   can't find file to patch at input line 4
   Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
   The text leading up to this was:
   |diff -r 66e1654718fb src/libxinevdec/
   |--- a/src/libxinevdec/    Mon Apr 14 22:38:03 2008 +0200
   |+++ b/src/libxinevdec/    Sat May 17 09:08:43 2008 -0700
   File to patch:

Dshowerver is running as it should, but there is no libxinecdec folder in /tmp/xine-lib-cvs-13-04-2008/src (Instead it moved to some map in .hg/data and all)
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