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Mike Lampard wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a channel with identical EPG info for the same program, regardless of 
> episode.  Often the program I want to record is repeated every six hours or 
> so, but depending on the day it may be every 12 hours or more (its somewhat 
> random) with a new episode sometime after midnight. 
Please let me repeat this to be sure I got it right:
The EPG is the same for all episodes and they are broadcasted at no 
fixed time and randomly repeated. Correct?

> Using EpgSearch, is there a way to force a single recording in a search 
> within 
> a specified period, without knowing the exact time that the 1st episode is 
> recorded _successfully_?  i.e: allowing a maximum number of successful 
> (non-conflicting) timers/day per search?
When there's no information how to distinguish the episodes and their 
repeats I doubt that there's a way to handle this.
Do you have any ideas (and even better also a suggestion how to 
represent this in the search timer edit menu?)
> 2-4 copies of the same episode if no conflicts exist.  Like a 'One-Shot' 
> timer that resets itself at midnight (or other settable period) instead of 
> deleting itself.
This 'one shot timer' could be a way to handle it, but is this 
sufficient? Do the above episodes have a guaranteed interval, after 
which a new episode is broadcasted?

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