Hi Mike,

 >>> Mike Lampard wrote:
 >>> I have a channel with identical EPG info for the same program,
 >>> regardless of episode.  Often the program I want to record is
 >>> repeated every six hours or so, but depending on the day it may
 >>> every 12 hours or more (its somewhat random) with a new episode
 >>> sometime after midnight.

Hopefully the name of the title of that program is allways the same? 
Then you could try to use the undoneepgsearch.sh script in the 
plugin-package. Starting this by cron short before midnight with the 
given title should remove the recording from the epgsearchdone.data 
after that you can start a new epgsearchupdate:

   touch /path-to-plugins-config-dir/.epgsearchupdate

and your programm will found as new/unrecorded and timer should be set 
for the next appearance.


Holger Altenburg

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