is there any information about support 780G ATI chipset with Gallium3D ?

> just found out at
> that :
> "he purpose of this project is to produce a video decoding solution for
> GPUs that are supported by the Gallium3D driver framework. The project
> will attempt to implement the XvMC API using the programmable pipeline
> of a typical GPU, thereby providing accelerated video decoding to a wide
> variety of hardware. Since the decoding will be implemented using the
> GPU's programmable pipeline, it is important to note that this solution
> should support all recent GPUs regardless of whether or not they include
> dedicated video decoding hardware. It is hoped that this GPU-based
> acceleration will allow for real-time play back of HD video streams on
> even modest hardware. The implementation will be developed and tested
> using Gallium3D's SoftPipe driver, a stable software reference
> implementation, and later Nvidia hardware and the Nouveau driver."
> You can follow the progress at

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