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Martin Emrich wrote:
> channel, where I don't have a smartcard/CAM/whatever for. I'll therefore
> delete the timer entry, but maybe the error message could say something
> like "timer on an encrypted channel, but no decryption possible" or so
> to clarify things.
I think this is just a matter of interpretation. EPGSearch checks if a 
timer will receive an appropriate device for its complete recording 
time. If there is none, it will report a timer conflict. Perhaps it 
would be better to report a 'timer problem' because of constellations as 
in your case, where it will never get such a device.
Checking if there's a possible decryption at all should be feasible, but 
wouldn't it be better to remove channels that can't be viewed of 
recorded anyway, or adjust the search timer to the appropriate channels?

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