Christian Wieninger schrieb:
> I think this is just a matter of interpretation. EPGSearch checks if a 
> timer will receive an appropriate device for its complete recording 
> time. If there is none, it will report a timer conflict. Perhaps it 
> would be better to report a 'timer problem' because of constellations as 
> in your case, where it will never get such a device.

Yes, that's what I wanted to point out.

> Checking if there's a possible decryption at all should be feasible, but 
> wouldn't it be better to remove channels that can't be viewed of 
> recorded anyway, or adjust the search timer to the appropriate channels?

I temporarily enabled the search for new channels because some german
channels lately switched their transponder, so between the channel scan
and the next run of the decruft plugin these channels snuck in.



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