I demand that Timothy D. Lenz may or may not have written...

> I am runing debian 64bit.

alpha? amd64? ia64? sparc? :-)

> I am currently using rgb out of nexus But I want to switch to the Matrox
> g450 so I can down convert hd to sd. I am trying to use vdr-xine plugin,
> DirectFB with fb_xine for the matrox card  and coreavc for decoder. The
> problem is getting xine 1.2 to build. Using latest HG make seems to compile
> but using fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage I get a lot of this:

> pp.c:309: warning: statement with no effect
> pp.c:311: error: âpost_plugin_pp_tâ has no member named âpp_modeâ
> pp.c:312: error: implicit declaration of function âpp_postprocessâ
[snip rest]

Those errors don't make sense on their own. I'm guessing that there were
errors before them...

> And that is before trying to patch it with xine-lib-1.2hg-coreavc.diff.
> That as 2 hunks fail which I patch by hand. The failed hunks are:

[snip first failure]
> demux_ts.c.rej
> ***************
> *** 220,226 ****
>         ISO_14496_PART3_AUDIO = 0x11,     /* ISO/IEC 14496-3 Audio with LATM 
> transport syntax */
> +       ISO_14496_PART10_VIDEO = 0x1b,    /* ISO/IEC 14496-10 Video (MPEG-4 
> part 10/AVC, aka H.264) */

Not surprising since I added a bit to that code not that long ago.

> +       STREAMDEV_H264_VIDEO = 0xe0       /* ISO/IEC 14496-10 Video (MPEG-4
> part 10/AVC, aka H.264) */

That change, together with any change which uses that constant, is BROKEN. It
will cause failures when playing back TS files, recorded via xine-lib's DVB
plugin, which contain MPEG2 video.

(xine-lib's TS demuxer is a bit broken here in that no descriptor tag was
found so it's falling back on using a value from a different source as if it
were the descriptor tag. 0xE0 only indicates that it's a video stream.)

Detection-by-content for the 'default' case for the video format detection
code (around line 800) is what's needed. (Patches which implement this and
this alone will be considered.)

> demux_ts.c:222: error: expected â,â or â}â before âSTREAM_VIDEO_MPEGâ

You've either omitted a comma or added the extra line in the wrong place. :-)

[snip fallout from that error]

> The switches I add to the debian rule file are:

>  --enable-directfb \
>  --disable-dxr3 \
>  --disable-xvmc \
>  --without-x \
>  --without-xcb \
>  --disable-altivec \
>  --disable-vis \

> But I get the same errors with/out the switches.

Not surprising. It's mispatched.

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