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Simon Baxter schrieb:
> Good searching!!

No, I just checked vdr-wiki.de, they have an extensive (but German) list
of plugins plus patches and current maintainers.


Which leads to a related topic.

It appears that several plugins and addons are orphaned, despite having
 a lot of users and despite developers still releasing patches.

What to do about these packages?

There is a lot of work right now for package distributors, each of them
maintaining a different set of patches for their respective distribution
(analogtv is an example).

For some projects, there are patches flying around in this mailing list,
on vdr-wiki.de or even in obscure discussion threads on vdr-portal.de.

Some patches are published by new developers on their homepages (the
pvr-input and lcdproc plugins are examples for this), but if you ask
these developers if they want to declare themselves the "new maintainer"
of the plugin/addon, they thankfully decline.

So it appears that we have a problem with

1) too many vdr-related projects dying or being orphaned when the
   original author looses interest

2) noone daring to pickup the ball when the original author looses


3) too many different locations to find sources and patches

What can be done about this?

(If this has been discussed before, please let me know where to find it
in the archive. Didn't find old discussions about this after a very
brief search.)



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