2008/6/17 Matthias Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Is the "?"-mark comming from the conversion in VDR or is it due to
> the fact, that the LCD cannot display the character in question?

It's coming from the fact that the conversion is not done correctly.
My LCD (or the driver) can output at least äöåÄÖÅ, and probably most
diacretic characters, too -  I believe it can output anything in
iso-8859-1(5), and also does so (for channel info, EPG, menus etc...).
Only the messages are not translated correctly (but something is done
for them, since they are not shown in the usual 2-character garbage
that you get when you display UTF-8 assuming it is some
8-bit-for-character set, but instead in ?-marks).

We did quite extensive testing with Joachim (and I did some quite
extensive testing, as described earlier in this thread, with my LCD).

- VIlle

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