Tim schrieb:
> Am Mittwoch 18 Juni 2008 schrieb Peter Evertz:
>>>> I want to disable the check, for invalid channels in channels.conf
>>>> I just don't care, if a channel is not "tuneable".
>>> in config.h, in the function "bool Load()" at about line 123 (vdr 1.4.7)
>>> uncomment 2 lines:
>>>                    else {
>>>                       esyslog("ERROR: error in %s, line %d", fileName,
>>> line); delete l;
>>>                       //RC: we do not want to exit vdr just because of a
>>> simple error
>>>                       //result = false;
>>>                       //break;
>>>                       }
>>>                    }
>>>                 }
>>> this will cause vdr to go on starting even if an error accours in a
>>> config file and increase waf. ;)
>> Are you sure that your fix will increase the WAF ? I don't know if VDR
>> works correctly with a "broken" channels list.
> It is not broken, as the questionable entry is deleted again (delete l;) when 
> parsing it. So happens for all configuration files. You can do 
> a 'cat /dev/random > /etc/vdr/channels.conf' and the vdr still comes up.
> This way it is prevented that the vdr hangs inside a boot-loop. 
You are right. I did not see the delete statement. I thought you have 
only removed the check, resulting in a channel list with "invalid" entries.


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