Hi Patrick (and of course Klaus ;o))

> For some days there i a new "Test Feed" channel being found automatic
> new channel scanner of vdr-1.6.0:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/vdr# tail -1 channels.conf
> Test Feed;Test Feed:10920:hC56:S19.2E:22000:0:0:0:0:0:1:1063:0
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/vdr#

I pretty much had the same problem. AFTER discovering what was
wrong, I simply deleted the "Test Feed" channel and VDR went back
to normal operation. Actually, I woke up in the middle of the night
because my TV set was continually blinking a white screen at me 
every few minutes ;o)) (Due to the drivers being reloaded), which
is how a discovered the problem at all.

I did, however, lose a good number of timered shows. Not that this
will kill me, but personally I don't think VDR should quit operations
because of such a "simple" problem.

If there is an error in the channels.conf I see no reason to restart
VDR more than once. If the conf file is defunct, then no number
of restarts will bring it back to life ;o))

Personally, >>I<< think VDR should log such a problem and
then display it on screen (I mean that's what the message bar
is for ;o)) until the user aknowledeges that the message has
been read.

While I am at problem discussing, I also think that VDR should
NOT delete a timer, if it wasn't possible to fully record the movie.
(This can happen if diskspace runs low or if a thunderstrom
prevents good reception, e.g.) Here, too, either keep the timer
(even if the movie is over) or at least post a message in the
message bar "Timer xyz + movie title" wasn't recorded. Keep
up the display until it is aknowledged by the user.

I know I haven't been posting recently (or doing any "nessy
patches (insider for the older VDR users ;o))), but I still use
and will continue to do so, only VDR as my method of 
recording and watching TV or beamer.

@Klaus: Do you think the above would be possible?

kind regards,

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