Brian wrote:
> Hi,
> after moving to VDR 1.6 and a new Debian 2.6 based system I still need to 
> play with locales.
> The System language I am using is English:
> VDR-test: locale
> LANG=en_GB.UTF-8
> LC_CTYPE="en_GB.UTF-8"
> LC_TIME="en_GB.UTF-8"
> LC_PAPER="en_GB.UTF-8"
> LC_NAME="en_GB.UTF-8"
> Currently my locale is somehow not set correctly and runvdr cannot find 
> anything in ./locale.
> What I would like to know is, if I am using English EPG and German EPG, plus 
> I want the OSD
> of VDR to appear in English. Is that possible, will all characters be 
> displayed correctly?
> I also want vdr to output its logs in english, which is explained in the docs 
> OK.
> So how should VDR be setup for what I want?
> Cheers Brian
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Just a short update about my tests.

I have added "-L /usr/local/src/VDR/locale" to runvdr,
that didn't make any difference, if I get the error message from run vdr then 
it still says
./locale in that message. Not sure if that is important or not.

Anyway I have set

export LC_COLLATE=en_GB.utf8
export LANG=en_GB.utf8

at the start of runvdr, and that got rid of the missing locales messages.

That gives me the following:

1. OSD is in English
2. VDRADMIN data is also in English
3. German EPG is shown correctly with all special characters that I have seen 
up to now
    (umläute etc.).
4. English EPG is shown, mostly correctly. But for example "Her's" is shown as 
    But, I get that info via xmltv2vdr, so I wonder if the problem is there 
instead of in vdr.

Cheers Brian

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