> I applaud the effort, and IANAL, but with all due respect, are you certain 
> that the license agreement draft says what you intend?


> For example, the "non-commercial" word is problematic.  GPL _allows_ 
> commercial distribution, and removing that possiblity makes your license 
> incompatible with the GPL (which I'm sure you know is VDR's and practically 
> all its plugins' license).
> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#NoMilitary

I do not intend to have this collection distributed commercially by
third parties and I do not intend to reach GPL compatibility with the
first batch of logos.

Making it available for non-free download is fine by me and better than
the current, illegal logo collection many of us use.

Anyone wishing to sell software or hardware products using these logos,
GPL-ed or not, should ask the logo owners for permission for their
respective project. That's not different to the legal situation we
already have.

Asking the logo owners upfront to give carte blanche for commercial
distribution of their logos is far too much to ask for. These people are
already weary to permit having their logo displayed in software for
personal use, believe me.

We may ask for more permissions later, though. I have no problem doing
the same round of requests in a year or two, when the collection is
complete and when I can show logo owners that it has been a benefit to
the community.



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