On Sun, 2008-07-06 at 20:09 +0300, Teemu Suikki wrote:
> Hi!
> Is there an easy way to add sequential or even random playback to VDR?

This may or may not be a help for you:

I use softdevice and softplay to do this.

Softplay can play avi, mpeg files etc AND vdr recordings.  So I have a
link from my softplay media directory to /video

Then you can use the playlist functions in softplay to play the episodes
as you need.

This may well work with xine, mplayer plugin etc etc: I don't know
because I have not tried it.

(The one problem with this is that softplay often tries to play
resume.vdr, info.vdr etc recordings.  It does not matter much, you just
get a message saying "cannot play resume.vdr etc.  One day I might hack
up a list of "exclude this filename" into softplay)

> I have a lot of children's programs stored, for example 52 episodes of
> "Peppa Pig". :) The episodes are only 5 minutes each, so now I have to
> interrupt my serious work (IRC :) ) every 5 minutes to start a new
> episode, to keep the kids quiet for a while. :)

This was almost the exact problem I had (although not for "Peppa".)
Hopefully Daddy Pig can use this as a solution. :)

> The recordings-listing doesn't have many buttons assigned for
> directories, only "Open".. There could be a command to playback entire
> directory, perhaps with some "bookmark" feature so it starts from the
> episode that was previously played back.

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