Hi all,

i have just made an update 08.07.2008 at 22:00 a clock.

now i get this at startup of vdr-sxfe

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ vdr-sxfe
vdr-sxfe 1.0.2-cvs  (build with xine-lib 1.1.90, using xine-lib 1.1.90)

VDR server not given, searching ...
Found VDR server: host, port 37890
[13733] [vdr-fe]    Detected 2 CPUs
[13733] [vdr-fe]    Enabling FFmpeg multithreaded video decoding

Press Esc to exit

vdr-sxfe: symbol lookup error: 
/usr/lib/xine/plugins/2.0/xineplug_inp_xvdr.so: undefined symbol: 

i have ffmpeg, xine-lib, vdr-xineliboutput from source control.

anybody out there who had fix it? :-)

greeting mentox

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