Artur Skawina schrieb:
> Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> Hello Michael,
>>> Does anybody use RF remote control with VDR instead of IR? How to 
>>> configure such remotes?
>> I used the ATI RemoteWonder with it. LIRC has support for it.
> Or, if your remote is supported by the kernel input layer, you can use
> the remote plugin. eg the X10 remotes work nicely this way:
> $ modprobe -v ati-remote
> $ EV="/dev/input/"$( cd "/sys/class/input" && grep -l 'X10' 
> event*/device/manufacturer | sed -e 's,/.*,,' )
> $ vdr ... -P "remote -i $EV"
> (some remotes such as medion need a small kernel patch in order to handle
> all keys and detect autorepeat properly)

Can you post this Kernel patch here (or send it to me via mail if it's
to big for the list)? I am using the Medion remote since quite a long
time with a patched ati-remote driver but I don't remember if I have
published the patch or not. And if this is not my patch, it might be
better than mine ;-)



> The first time vdr is started with the remote plugin it will ask you to
> press all keys and learn them, just like with any other input source.
> artur
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