Wolfgang Fritz wrote:
> Artur Skawina schrieb:
>> sure, patch vs 2.6.25 below. These are just the minimal changes needed to 
>> make 
>> ati-remote work w/ one type of medion rf remotes (P/N 20018071). i did this
> Mine is P/N 20014751

afaict it looks exactly like the one i'm using.

>> The keymap for medion remotes is different from the one for ati, but as i'm
>> currently using mine just for vdr i never needed to fix this up (vdr does its
>> own mapping anyway).
> I have added an additional table for Medion (selected by product ID),
> but this might not work if the different Medion types have the same
> product ID.

I have at least four different types of medion remotes, each with a different
layout and features; they all work w/ the same receiver so selecting based on
usb ids won't work. I don't remember if the keymaps were incompatible though.
In any case, i'm assuming the ati remote will work w/ a medion receiver and 
A per-channel module parameter is probably required.

>> +    /*
>> +     * Some remotes alternate codes, this makes it easier to detect 
>> autorepeat;
>> +     * to keep things simple we simply "undo" the code change here.
>> +     */
>> +    if (d2 & 0x80) {
>> +            d1 += 0x80;
>> +            d2 -= 0x80;
>> +    }
> Interesting. I have to check if my Medion needs this. Autorepeat is
> working OK but my solution is more complicated than yours, and this
> might be the reason.

well, the key code changes could be used to distinguish autorepeat from a
repeated keypress, but i found the autorepeat rate to be high enough
(for a remote) and just ignore them, as above.


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