With all the recent talk about deinterlacing, I was wondering if it's
now possible to get 576i output over DVI->HDMI from xine-based output
devices for VDR? I was a dxr3 user for a long time and the deinterlacing
offered by A/V hardware never gave me any issues.. Now I have an A/V
receiver with a HQV Realta inside so it should nicely deinterlace and
upscale my image.

My understanding is that 576i in HDMI is actually done as a 100Hz
displaymode where each frame is sent twice. This is because the HDMI
spec doesn't allow "speeds" as low as required by true 576i.. 

I am using xineliboutput currently as the software output device. Of
course I would prefer it to use 576i for only the interlaced SD channels
/ recordings and change to 1080p for media player with HD content ;)

- Vaizki

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