Antti Seppälä wrote:


> Unfortunately HUD is very dependent on xorg and will not work with
> DirectFB. I'm not even sure whether DirectFB contains support for
> similar operations without resorting to CPU intensive software
> blending of the OSD.

AFAIK, it does, at least for certain graphics cards (also depending on 
the configuration), there are so-called "layers" and the device 
capabilities can be queried in the API. Even if there is no good enough 
support for separate layers to do this, DirectFB further supports 
"surfaces" whithin a layer, AFAIK that's how softdevice implements the 
OSD, and it's not at all CPU-intense, in fact I guess those operations 
are also accelerated, and the OSD shows up all the time at the same, 
correct, native display resolution, regardless of the video resolution 
(i.e. it also uses the black top/bottom bars when the video is 16:9 
letterboxed on my 4:3 TV, or it is drawn still at 720x576 even when the 
broadcast is only 544x764).

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