Hi,I have a question regarding the best way to extend VDR functionality to
support a certain feature.

I've got a linux server running a recording software called SageTV. The
server is connected to two set top boxes that feature hardware MPEG4
Although most of the functionality of SageTV is quite nice, it can't compare
to VDR features when it comes to dealing with DVB-S recording.
Having used VDR in my previous setup, I would like to integrate SageTV with
VDR, so I get the best of both worlds, i.e. hardware decoding/user interface
of sagetv,
stability/DVB features of VDR.

SageTV provides a simple API for using external recorders, which requires
the external recorder to listen on a TCP port and record a PS stream to a
file given by sagetv.

My question is: What is the most straightforward way to implement this in

Is it better to adapt an existing plugin like streamdev, or is it simple
enough to write a plugin from scratch for this purpose?

Is there some documentation available on how to use the VDR api ?

I would greatly appreciate any hints in this matter.

Thank you,
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