Grabbed testclip of shuttle takeoff, 1920x1080 resolution
VDR log shows
Jul 17 17:45:28 vdr3 vdr: [5831] [xine..put] 
Jul 17 17:45:28 vdr3 vdr: [5831] [xine..put]     --> 
Jul 17 17:45:28 vdr3 vdr: [5831] [input_vdr] PLAYFILE  (Loop: 0, Offset: 0s, 
goom:width=720,height=576,fps=25 file:/video/ksc_062707_sts117_launch_1080i.mpg)
Does this mean that Media Player rapes the wideo to 720x576 resolution
and then stuffes it to display.
How to force FullHD resolution ?

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