On 23 Jul 2008, at 23:06, Martin Emrich wrote:

>  (I wonder why there's no simple "TV simulator" that upmixes 50  
> fields/s to 50 frames/s just like a CRT TV?).

It's very hard to simulate this 'upmix'. A CRT TV actually moves the  
electron beam across the screen and the phosphor has some time it  
stays illuminated after being hit by the beam. This is very hard to  
simulate with a digital screen which is either on or off, or has some  
slowness by itself which is different from how a CRT screen works.

The dscaler project has implemented some of the best deinterlacing  
algorithms and most of the tvtime algorithms are implemented (to my  
knowledge) with basis in dscaler source / ideas. See http:// 
dscaler.org/ . dscaler basically is a deinterlace and display program  
that takes input from bt8x8 based capture cards.

Someone on that project had an idea to create a setup where the  
display hardware was synced to the input clock of the capture card,  
but I'm not sure if anything ever came out of that idea.

Torgeir Veimo

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