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> what about post-processing, scaling quality ? is it good ?

Depends on who you ask...

> does only easiest bob deinterlace method support ?

There is simple scaling for 576i->1080i, ie. you see ghost lines, but there
are no other artifacts. There's also Bob for interlace->progressive and (in
the near future) blending for all modes. There is no motion compensation,
although it was inofficially mentioned at the early stages of the chip...

> what about support the different h264 profiles - PAFF + spatial direct
> mode, MBAFF (bottleneck of ffmpeg), CABAC, CAVLC

Is supported, there were never problems on BBC HD or so. For CABAC, the
(official) input rate is about 25Mb/s, for CAVLC 50.

> does eHD support those profiles well ?
> which h264 level does support eHD ?

H.264 Main Profile and High Profile at Level 4.

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