I'm using vdr-softdevice and ShmClient to tune to VDR and it all works  
very well. Indeed, I've even tweaked mplay.sh to do it's job.

However, there's a little problem: ShmClient usually runs in front of  
the GDM Greeter (as nobody is logged into X11 when watching TV). And  
I've noticed that very dark pixels (maybe just those with RGB=000000)  
are displayed by ShmClient as transparent and thus the underlying GDM  
Greeter shines through. This is very rare when watching a VDR stream,  
apparently it's very rare to have completely black pixels there. But  
it does happen much often when watching i.e. a .mov with mplayer or  
mplay.sh through ShmClient.

Has anybody experienced this before and maybe has a solution for it?

Thanks!!  -sven

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