I'm trying to set my T-Online S100 (Intel 830M) up as a VDR-Client. Someone in 
the zenega forum finally got intelfb to output via SCART[1] and that's what I'm 
planning to use in the end. But for now I can't get vdr-fbfe working with 
directfb on VGA-out.

I compiled 2.6.26 with intelfb included and used video=intelfb:[EMAIL 
PROTECTED],accel,hwcursor,vram=16 as cmdline. With directfb-1.2.0 and a mode 
entry in /etc/fb.modes[2] I can run the dfb-examples (df_andi etc) more or less 
fine. However, after installing dfb-extras and compiling xineliboutput against 
it I get this when trying to start vdr:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] vdr-1.6.0]# ./vdr -Pstreamdev-client -P"xineliboutput 
--local=fbfe --video=DFB --remote=none"
starting plugin: xineliboutput
Local decoder/display (cXinelibThread) thread started (pid=13223, tid=13227)
[xine..put] xineliboutput: plugin file is 
[xine..put] Searching frontend fbfe from /usr/local/src/VDR/PLUGINS/lib/
[xine..put] Probing 
[xine..put] load_frontend: entry at 0xb6553a30
[xine..put] Using frontend fbfe (Framebuffer (fbfe)) from 
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - fe created
[vdr-fe]    fbfe_display_open(width=720, height=576, fullscreen=0, display=0.0)
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - fe->fe_display_open ok
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - xine_init
[vdr-fe]    fe_xine_init: xine_open_video_driver("DFB") failed
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal: Error initializing frontend
segfault at 250 ip b7f824e0 sp b7574200 error 4 in 

It works fine with --video=fb.

I'm out of ideas now. What am I missing here?

- Jan

[1] in german: 
[2] mode "720x576-50"
# D: 27.000 MHz, H: 31.250 kHz, V: 50.000 Hz
geometry 720 576 720 576 32
timings 37037 64 16 39 5 64 5
accel true

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