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2008-07-29: Version 1.1.1
- fixed osd width calculation in cNotifyOsd::Show()
- improved detection of unsuccessful logins to the Fritz!Box
- made the plugin independent of Fritz!Box's webinterface language
  (thanks to Gandalf [29] for supporting and testing this)
- fixed missing SetHelp() in cMenuFonbuchDetail
- fixed possible segfault when pressing OK in empty fonbuch or call list menu
  (reported and fix tested by Gandalf [29])
- fixed password field in plugin settings to accept empty password
  (reported by Gandalf [29])
- if no password is set, the plugin no longer tries to login to the Fritz!Box
- changed some dsyslog statements to e/isyslog
- no longer displaying AVM test-entries ("Max & Moritz") in call lists
- cOertlichesFonbuch no longer tries to resolve non german phone numbers
- updated russian translations
  (provided by neptunvasja [6])
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