i recently upgraded my vdr to version 1.6.0. Now my vdr restarts every 
some minutes when recording:

Aug  4 12:17:21 video1 vdr: [3688] frontend 1 timed out while tuning to 
channel 1, tp 111836
Aug  4 12:17:43 video1 vdr: [3694] ERROR: video data stream broken

Sometimes it is working, and sometimes it restartes every minute.

A friend of me had the same problem when recording ARD. He upgraded his 
kernel to 2.6.26 and now it works for him. I also tried and, but it does not work.

I don't think that it is a problem of temperature, because it also 
happens suddenly after cold startup. The system is running now for some 
years, with regular software-upgrades. I use Debian-Etch.

Any Idea?


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