I've been trying to get a new x86_64 Fedora Core 9 system working with a 
TT-1500-C and TT-2300-C card, outputting on vdr-xine (to xine) but am having 
audio problems.  I'm running vdr-1.6.0.

I've been trying both vdr-xine 0.8.0 and 0.8.2.

issue 1.
With both versions of vdr-xine, I intermittantly get no audio when I switch 
to a channel.  The same happens if I use the --post vdr_audio switch or not. 
If I then stop xine (and vdr switches back to the FF output) and restart 
xine, the audio is fine.  This happens on different channels on different 
transponders and with both 0.8.0 and 0.8.2.  There's no audio loss when 
using the FF output.

issue 2.
On my other main/production system (which runs x86 kernel in Fedora Core 6) 
the above problem doesn't happen (same dvb cards) but on 0.8.2 I get 
intermittant audio sync problems, so I keep this on 0.8.0 which works fine. 
But I need to change the motherboard on this system as I've run out of PCI 

Something I'd like to try, but never have before.
With the Fedora 9 there's some changes with pulse audio (or something).  I 
don't know much about this - but am thinking maybe the gnome is doing 
something different than FC6?
Do you think running an FB output help with this?  How does this work, I've 
never tries it?  Do you still run X windows?

Any thoughts, comments, experiences or suggestions?


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