thanks for your answer

but for 3d games this problem also actually ? or this issue exists only for 
video playback ?

> > does your idea actually for new generation cards - ATI HD series, Intel 
> > G35/45 chipsets with hdmi output ?
> currently it does for everything pre-avivo (e.g. before r500 with the 
> exception of rs690 which is a r300-style 3d core but 2d is avivo).
> I not yet tried with ATI HD or Intel G35/45. Basically I don't see a
> problem. The devil is in the details:)
> To ease the port to other graphics hardware I did not use special 
> pre-avivo registers in my current solution. 
> The idea comprises several aspects:
> The most important feature is to synchronize video output with the
> stream. Nobody cared about that until today. I do not understand that at
> all.
> It just a pleasant by-product of the sync that in some cases you need not to
> deinterlace anymore.

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