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And now.. part 2 :)

> 4. stop drift_control 
> 5. unload all dvb modules (there are known issues with some)
> 6. start vdr with local sxfe frontend (make channels.conf zero size file)
> 7. start replay of some recording. Because field polarity is not synced
> automatically anymore you can manually restart replay until polarity is 
> correct.

OK, found a suitable recording, and after a couple of 'play 1 begin' to
SVDRP it starts OK. The picture is pretty good, but it still shifts
around the screen a bit:

drift speed:                    982 
overall compensation:            30 
sync point displacement:       1118
drift speed:                    422 
overall compensation:            53 
sync point displacement:         64
drift speed:                   -916 
overall compensation:           -29 
sync point displacement:        613
drift speed:                   -282 
overall compensation:            11 
sync point displacement:       -216
drift speed:                   -369 
overall compensation:           -20 
sync point displacement:       -499
drift speed:                    163 
overall compensation:           -11 
sync point displacement:       -685
drift speed:                    393 
overall compensation:           -10 
sync point displacement:       3175
drift speed:                   8509 
overall compensation:           402 
sync point displacement:       6186
drift speed:                 -13504 excessive drift speed
overall compensation:          -252 
sync point displacement:       -846
drift speed:                  -4863 
overall compensation:          -196 
sync point displacement:       -430
drift speed:                   7566 
overall compensation:           246 
sync point displacement:       -438
drift speed:                  -8988 

So, wow yes it's still all over the place :(

FWIW, the output is not once per second.. there is often a delay of up
to 4 seconds before another group of 3 lines is displayed.

> If the 'drift speed' value finally does show large deviations from zero this
> could be a problem in your xine-lib. In that case I upload my current xine-lib
> version to my web server.


I tried first with the xine-lib 1.11.1 which ships with ubuntu hardy,
and then forward-ported the 1.1.7 packages from gutsy (whilst
repackaging the xineliboutput support for 1.1.7) and had exactly the
same problem. I just find it a bit strange that the same problem should
manifest itself with both an older and a newer xine-lib than you use
(listed as 1.1.8 in your original post)

So, I started looking for other reasons. Whilst X + vdr are running, the
Xorg process is taking 40% CPU, with vdr taking 25%. The 'system' CPU
usage is 32%, with 16% for user processes. I thought maybe it was using
X11 output rather than xv, and thus causing a drain on the system...

I have executed 'xhost +' to eliminate X security issues... and the
syslog shows all positive output:

 starting plugin: xineliboutput
 Local decoder/display (cXinelibThread) thread started (pid=14236,
 [xine..put] xineliboutput: plugin file
is /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libvdr-xineliboutput.so.1.6.0
 [xine..put] Searching frontend sxfe from /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/
Probing /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libxineliboutput-sxfe.so.1.0.0rc2
 [xine..put] load_frontend: entry at 0xb569a154
 [xine..put] Using frontend sxfe (X11 (sxfe)) from
 [xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - fe created
 [vdr-fe]    sxfe_display_open(width=720, height=576, fullscreen=1,
 [vdr-fe]    Display size : 190 x 152 mm
 [vdr-fe]                   720 x 576 pixels
 [vdr-fe]                   96dpi / 96dpi
 [vdr-fe]    Display ratio: 3789.000000/3789.000000 = 1.000000
 [vdr-fe]    Failed to open connection to bus: Failed to execute
dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session
 [vdr-fe]       (ERROR (gnome_screensaver.c,55): Resource temporarily
 [xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - fe->fe_display_open ok
 [xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - xine_init
 [vdr-fe]    fe_xine_init: xine_open_audio_driver("alsa:default") failed
 [xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - fe->xine_init ok
 [xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - xine_open

'xvinfo' shows all the good stuff (pages of capabilities), too.

So I'm not entirely sure where to take it from here. Clearly it can
work, but I must be missing a piece..

Sorry - it's a bit of a mixed bag response - I was hoping it would be
much more clear cut!


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