I receive 138 KU and I can use TT3200 to scan the following symbolrate:
12302 V 30000(DVB-S) 12401 V 22425(DVB-S) 12430 V 22425(DVB-S)
12490 V 21600(DVB-S) 12537 V 41250(DVB-S) 12646 V 22425(DVB-S)
But I can't scan the following symbolrate:
12354 V 43000(DVB-S) 12460 V 21600(DVB-S2) 12598 V 43000(DVB-S)
12720 V 43000(DVB-S)
If the symbolrate>=43000 or DVB-S2,the TT3200 can’t scan them?
I make and make install the recently multiproto.
My VDR:VDR1.7.0+H.264+xinelibputout+multiproto.
Who can tell me what I should do?

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