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a new release (0.6.0) of the mailbox-plugin is available at


(Note: The home-page of the plugin has a new address.)



Changes since version 0.5.0:

- License: included GPL note "v2 or any later" to README.

- Restricted the maximum interval for the background check to 35 minutes
   due to a bug in GetAbsTime() in vdr-1.4.7, 1.6.0 and 1.7.0.

   If the interval for the background check was set to an interval of
   36 minutes or more, the plugin caused high cpu-load and hangup of vdr.

   If the bug was corrected in vdr *OR* the patch
   in the patches subdirectory was applied to the sources of vdr, the
   usable interval may be increased with the parameter "-i <maxtime>".

- Pressing key 'Info' (or key '0' as before) displays online help for
   key mappings.

- Added Italian language texts
   (Thanks to Diego Pierotto)

- Added setup option for mail accounts of type INBOX which refers to
   the primary incoming message mailbox on the local system.
   Note: Selecting account type INBOX is equivalent to selecting type
   "User defined" and using "INBOX" as mailbox-string.

- Mail accounts of type "User defined" may be used without a user name.
   (Reported by Torsten Weigelt)

- Fixed saving the connection timeout to setup.conf.

- Added service call "MailBox-GetTotalUnseen-1.0"

- In mail-view the key '8' displays all parts of MULTIPART/ALTERNATIVE

- Pass the source of HTML-only mails to an external program to convert
   HTML to plain text and display the result.
   For mails with MULTIPART/ALTERNATIVE only plain text parts are

   The plugin must be started with parameter '-c /path/to/mailconv.sh';
   see README for further information.

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