> Hi.
> Support for CAM seems to be nowadays one of the top requested features
> for the iptv plugin. I guess that encrypted streams are becoming more
> popular in the iptv world altogether.
> It turns out that implementing CAM support to iptv is quite tricky.
> One option would be to implement support for external CAM module such
> as the Hauppauge WinTV-CI USB. These devices seem to be unsupported in
> linux so a driver would have to be written first.
> I've also thought about using the CAM of an existing DVB card to do
> the decryption of iptv streams, but to the best of my current
> knowledge it is impossible to use a CAM of a certain device to decrypt
> streams that are not received by the same device. (Someone correct me
> if I'm mistaken).
> Can anyone think of any other alternatives?

Got me stumped - but I watch this thread with great interest!!

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