On Montag, 1. September 2008, M.Fiegert wrote:
> Hello,
> after about 7 years in use with vdr a thunderstorm killed the tuner of my
> FF :-(.
> There is one budget card in the system. With CAID parameter in channels
> conf set to two for all channels I managed to keep vdr operational.
> Question:
> If I now by a second budget card (slot available), is there any way that
> vdr would use those two budgets but not the tuner of the FF-card?
I have the same configuration.
You can use the SourceCaps-patch to disable the broken card's tuner.
An example. Lets assume that your first card is broken and that your second 
and third card can receive astra and hotbird. Then you would need to add the 
following lines to your channels.conf (after applying the SourceCaps patch):
SourceCaps = 1 S1.0W
SourceCaps = 2 S19.2E S13.0E
SourceCaps = 3 S19.2E S13.0E

You can exchange S1.0W for any other source which you can not receive.

Hope this helps,

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