On 09/04/08 12:38, Morfsta wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know what is happening with VDR development these days?
> There doesn't seem to be much activity - is Klaus taking a long
> holiday or very busy with work!? :-)
> Please don't flame me for asking - I totally understand and appreciate
> that Klaus does it in his spare time etc and we have no right to
> demand development, but just that Klaus isn't here much these days and
> there has not been any new version of VDR 1.7.x for quite some time
> now. I presume other people must be wondering too what is going on
> with the future development of VDR and whether there is any planned?
> Hope everything is okay with Klaus too and he hasn't "disappeared" for
> some reason...

This summer I had quite a few other things to do, and many times
the weather was just too good to sit by the PC and do programming.

I do intend to continue working on VDR, and I sure hope to find
more time for it when the weather isn't so fine any more ;-)


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