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Skickat: den 5 september 2008 16:03
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Ämne: Re: [vdr] VDR Development

"VDR User" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What ever happened to the idea of setting up VDR deveopment on
> mercurial to allow the main contributors who want to work on it to do
> so without hassle/delay?  I think converting to mpeg-ts instead of
> pes, and the hdtv support + all things related would be much farther
> along by now!

Very good point !
I second this.

Nothing prevents you from setting a repository on your side and give
access to contributors.
Yeah come on, be brave and fork it ! :)

Of course you can fork it, and I'm sure someone eventually will, but I think
you should regard it as a totally different project and give it some other
name. This would lead to plugin developers having to decide which project(s)
to support and it will probably just be a mess.
I think VDR is Klaus's "child" and should remain so.
/Magnus H

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