That's really the one thing that keeps me from using VDR: no multiple frontends. And I've tried the stream-thing plugin.

I actually really like VDR's interface. I believe the people I'm creating this for, my parents, would be better of with it, too.

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*Jelle De Loecker*
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"VDR User" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I will however give you an example.  There was a time when the
majority of dvb users I talk to used VDR, and only a few guys used
MythTV.  Now the opposite is true.  The majority of those people are
using MythTV and few are left who still use VDR.  Why?  Primarily lack
of support for what's already been previously discussed a million
times.. Lack of support for HDTV, MPEG4, DVB-S2, and a recording
format that is actually usable.  The only surprise to me is how many
people burn their recordings to DVD.  I don't have any interest in
doing that but clearly a whole lot of other people do.

i'm not into dvb-s2 yet.
Without talking about this hype technology, what about :
- multiple frontend+osd support
- complex channel handling (no no not talking about xml, i hate xml)
- sourcecap patch (having to patch vdr for such a feature is a no-go
  for a lot of people)

I tend to agree, in the end a lot of people will move to
bloat^Wmythtv. (and i agree, a lot of people have stopped using vdr)

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