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> but vdr has not evolved for years !
> no real new features, it's still meant to be used with one ff dvb-s
> card. there's a plugin interface but most of the time you don't want
> to hear about bugs when somebody is using a plugin.
> what's the point then ?
> And, what about this blackmail thing ?
> Wouldn't it be simpler to say "i don't have time anymore, my needs won't
> evolve and i don't want to code features i won't use, please carry on !" ?

I'm neither Klaus not a regular of this list, but I think you're not
being fair here: Klaus has every right to say he won't develop on a
community tree; it is, after all, his own free time. BTW, if I remember
well, Klaus has coded several features (i.e. subtitles) he himself said
he didn't use. 
Like it or not, VDR is a "cathedral"-style project: this has led to
higher code quality and very good stability, at the expense of a slower
development pace and the lack of some bleeding-edge features in the
mainline. If you want those features, you can use a patch posted on this
list (e.g. for hdtv, sourcecaps) or use a plugin (e.g. for teletext
subtitles). Many distributions include those patches or provide a way
for the user to easily appy them. Of course, you're also free to develop
your own patches for new features: if they're good enough, I'm sure
they'll eventually find their way into the mainline, as it happened,
e.g., with the shutdown handling rewrite some time ago.

You say you want to fork it: what would you accomplish with that? It's
not as if the code would magically write itself. I've yet to see a
single prospective developer say "if it were forked I'd write X". (And,
BTW, there's nothing forbidding him to write X in form of a patch and
post it on this list.) On the other hand, by forking you'd probably lose
Klaus, who has written by himself the majority of VDR code and knows it
like no one else.

Finally, I personally fail to see why people switching to MythTV is a
bad thing; VDR is not a religion, I think everyone should use whichever
software he thinks suits best his needs. I'm very happy with VDR and
won't be switching anytime soon.


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